Ostorosbor – The new taste of Szépasszony-völgy, Eger

1Ostorosbor Plc. is the biggest winery in size of the region. Although it may give the impression of a huge complex, it is still a family run business where attention and care come first. Our intention to offer wine lovers a chance to indulge themselves the most attractive way made us decide to open a cellar in Szépasszonyvölgy, Eger where traditional cellars have been carved in rhyolite tufa soil since 1774. The second generation of Soltész Family – owners of Ostorobor Plc. is also represented in this row of traditional cellars under 33. Disznófő-sor.

According to Soltész Gergő Chairman and Head of the company the winery has managed to win the attention of both consumers and experts due to responding to changing challenges of the market as well as following local traditions of wine making during the past few years. The quality our winery represents is reflected in the remarkable volume of sold wines and the acknowledgements of the wine business experts.

9Our cellar in Szépasszonyvölgy, Eger is a representation of our philosophy about quality and tradition let it be inviting a wine lover for only a short visit or for a ceremonial event with full range wine tasting. Everyone is welcome to find an ideal venue for both family events or business meetings to meet the magic world of Ostorosbor and the wine region alike.

The cellar itself is the essence of our philosophy: big in size with an imposing interior and familiar atmosphere. It is optimally suitable for organizing intimate family occasions, business meetings, conferences, receptions and wedding parties.

On request we are ready to cater our guests with local gourmet cuisine served to match the wines on our offer. Please remeber to send your booking at:


Ostorosbor – Exhibition Cellar and wine tasting

3300 Eger, Szépasszony-völgy, Disznófő-sor 33.

Telephone: 06-20/219-6103