Welcome Words

Dear Partner, Dear Reader,

Welcome to Ostorosbor Plc. Your interest in our winemaking and selling activities is highly appreciated.

Our winery has been representing itself in quality wine making in Ostoros (about 6 kms far from the city of Eger) for more than 50 years now. Traditions profoundly determine our wine production, nevertheless a series of changes have retailored the features of our company during the past decade. All our efforts are focused on satisfying the the ever rising expectations of our honoured customers. Each year has brought a novelty in our production to daylight, meanwhile our traditionally produced wines have been upgraded in quality and in aesthetical features. As a result a wide selection of outstanding price-quality rate wines invite both wine business partners and wine loving customers. The secret behind our success is that we make no compromise in achieving the best quality wines a family run business can aim at combining attention with up-to-date technologies and expertise. We feel responsible for strengthening the fame of Eger Wine Region under the trade mark of Ostorosbor Plc. We are proud to harvest the noble winegrapes of Nagy-Eged, Kutyahegy and Szélhegy outstanding vineyards of Eger Wine Region. Our wines are processed, matured and also bottled locally based on the tradition of availing hundred-year-old cellars carved in rhyolite tufa soil.

We feel it an honour to invite you to Ostorosbor – which bears the taste of Eger in every sip!

Soltész Gergő