Ostorosbor bag-in-box – a practical and environmentally friendly novelty

Ostorosbor Plc. Is the biggest winery in the region which naturally wins popularity among customers. We find it essentially important to guarantee quality in production and show good example in environmental awareness as well. These two principles have led us to introduce bag-in packaging in our wine selling. We find it an optimal solution for storing and shipping our wines as well as choosing an environmentally friendly way and use recycled components. It also helps preserve the wine’s fresh character and lengthens its durability once opened.

Our bag-in-box selection:

Bag in box egri olaszrizling

Egri Welschriesling (Olaszrizling) bag-in-box
A harmonious white wine with definite character. Explicit Eger-style acidity, still amicable on the palate. The typical varietal feature of almond character on the nose makes a refreshing choice for every occasion. 


Bag in box egri roze jó

Egri Rosé – Classic DOC off-dry cucée
The nicest rosés of the vintage are incorporated in this cuvée resulting a complex wine of full fruitiness. An optimal match with light evening snaks yet indulging in solo as well at any moment of the day.


Bag in box medinaMedina – Quality sweet red wine
A variety of authentic local origins. The intensive rose scent on the nose is inherited from one of the parent varietal of Medoc Noir. Its unique aroma, perfumy character and relatively high sugar content won it the name of ’Red Muscat’ – enabling to sweeten each moment when consumed.

Bag in box egri cuvee

Egri Cuvée – Classic DOC dry red wine
A rounded amicable good to drink cuvée made of  four red wines. A definite representative of Eger wine character. The ideal match with game and steak dishes.